First aid case for events and trade fair appearances

From band-aids to defibrillators - everything is kept neatly in a toolbox, so that in an emergency help can be given as quickly as possible.

How do you benefit from a First Aid Case?

The ESC First Aid Case prepares you for possible emergencies in the production of an event. This allows you to implement the legal requirements for first aid on site.

Our ESC First Aid Case offers everything for quick emergency use. This can drastically shorten the time until life-saving measures are initiated. It contains, for example, a defibrillator which is recommended when installing extensive power systems. A megaphone gets your voice heard when the sound system is down. Different fire extinguishers help to extinguish incipient fires as needed.

Especially in the case of unusual venues without an existing first-aid infrastructure and without a first aid service in the immediate vicinity, it is mandatory to set up or expand first facilities for the entire production period.


Your advantages

  • Simplified implementation: Everything necessary for an emergency is kept at a central location and signposted according to specifications.
  • Ensure that you as an organizer and principal fulfill your duties in terms of first aid in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Compliance with the highest safety standards

For whom and when is a First Aid Case useful?

Among other things, if you

  • conduct events in locations that do not have their own first aid infrastructure,
  • do not have a first aid service on site,
  • want to provide fast care in case of accidents or injuries.

What are the benefits of our First Aid Case?

  • Location-independent provision of first aid infrastructure
  • Better quality of work due to fast response to minor injuries
  • Satisfied staff and guests who can be helped quickly and efficiently
  • Limitation of liability risks
  • High level of safety - professional external image