Welcome to Event Safety Consult!

Event Safety Consult is an independent provider of comprehensive technical safety consulting and support services for your event. The service offering ranges from creating legally required safety concepts as per the German ordinance on places of public assembly (“Versammlungsstättenverordnung”) and completing your approval process all the way to providing the experts necessary for the set-up, implementation and dismantlement of your event.

Our carefully designed safety concepts are the basis for successful events that go off without a hitch – also serving as a source of satisfaction for your customers and guests and ensuring a long-term positive impression of you as an event holder.

Simply safe. No matter whether you are holding a marathon, city festival, trade fair or company event.

As an independent service provider, Event Safety Consult creates efficient and tailored safety concepts for:

  • The public sector
  • Event holders
  • Event agencies
  • Industry and trade
  • Operators of places of public assembly

Events in areas subject to potential flooding require special consideration.
Event Safety Consult creates flood safety concepts for you as required by law and supports you during approval procedures.

In addition to safety concepts customized to suit you, we offer further individual modules for secure implementation of your event:

  • Professional weather monitoring of your open-air event provided by meteorologists with many years of event experience.
  • Automatic digital headcounts in real time as a basis for adherence to maximum visitor capacities.
  • The creation of noise pollution control reports and sound monitoring of your event with measurements as per § 29 of the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) ensures that the provisions of public authorities are adhered to.

Event Safety Consult is also an independent appraiser and consultant and supports public authorities and operators of places of public assembly in the assessment of complex event projects.

Protective relief throughout the entire process

Our service offering is modular and adapted to suit your requirements. It is our objective to actively prevent the risk of accidents and risk of liability for you as an event holder. Our specially trained and certified masters of event technology and technical experts for event safety holistically protect your interests, ensure solid ongoing consulting in all planning phases and help guarantee professional, legally compliant fulfillment of your on-site obligations as an event holder.


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