You could say that we are experts in tailoring qualifications - making sure that you always have a perfect set of event safety experts at your fingertips. No matter for what kind of event and no matter where – be it for the entire concept or only a part of it. Because only your actual requirements and the right combination of services counts, and not which capacities we would like to sell right now. The following info graphics show schematically this added value provided by ESC based on concrete events that we have recently implemented.


Product launch in Southern Europe

5 Locations Over 2 Months – 1 year preparation

ESC services:
Safety and security service concept, approval processes, planning of occupational safety and security, event safety consulting, on-site implementation, weather monitoring

State festival with over 300.000 visitors


Planning and implementation of video monitoring, on-site implementation

Festival with up to 25.000 visitors annually

OUTDOOR PRODUcTION on historical ground

Event safety concept, visitor safety, CAD management, consulting event safety, on-site implementation

Network marketing congress


risk assessment, safety concept, consulting event safety, approval processes, CAD managementm occupational safety, on-site implementation

Electronik music festival

20.000 international guests on 6 floors

consulting event safety, on-site implementation

In-house exhibition of a kitchen furniture manufacturer


Risk assesment, safety concept, infection control concept, consulting event safety, approval processes, briefings, event safety report, on-site implementation, hygiene audit, CAD management

In co-operation with our partners, we have the following qualifications to meet your requirements optimally:

Event safety

Master of Event Technology (IHK)

Certified masters of event technology are the persons responsible for event technology as required by § 39 of the German Ordinance on Places of Assembly. Other areas of activity include, but are not limited to, assisting in the planning and implementation of events, supervising and identifying incidents, and performing and monitoring occupational health and safety.

Master of Event Safety (TÜV/DPVT)

TÜV-certified Masters of Event Safety have knowledge of legal, technical and organizational requirements for safety management and can therefore implement events in a legally compliant manner. They can communicate on an equal footing with external experts/inspectors during audits and acceptance tests and, with this qualification, enjoy expert status in all matters of technical safety at events.

Specialist planner and head of visitor safety (TH)

A specialist planner and head of visitor safety has extensive expertise in assuming planning and management responsibility for events, taking into account industry-specific specifications and concrete hazardous situations.


Meteorologists monitor the weather situation during setup and dismantling as well as during the event period. They inform and advise the responsible persons of the event holder in case of emerging severe weather situations and thus contribute to an informed decision-making process regarding possible event cancellation or a necessary work interruption.

Master of Engineering in Event Technology and Management

Extensive and technically complex projects, in particular, require special skills. An event technology engineer has extensive expertise for the safe implementation of your projects.
From the conception of your own event location all the way to the actual event - an event technology engineer shows you important interfaces to the Safety Concept and advises on the optimization of the required processes.

Master of Science in Risk, Reliability and Safety Engineering

Risk management is an extensive field in the event sector. The risk and safety engineer has special knowledge gained in his or her studies, for example as a specialist planner for preventive fire protection, as a specialist for occupational safety, or as a specialized major accidents officer. The risk and safety engineer can thus carry out an overarching risk assessment for your project that is aligned with all respective areas.

Occupational safety

Coordinator for Safety and Health Matters – SiGeKo (RAB 30)

The tasks of the SiGeKo are to identify safety and health risks and to develop measures to protect the staff. He or she identifies interactions between the construction site and influences from the immediate environment and organizes and implements safety meetings.

Occupational safety specialist (VBG)

The occupational safety specialist, together with the company physician, assumes the task of advising and supporting the employer in all matters relating to the health and safety of employees. The core task here is to identify and assess work-related accident and health hazards and health promotion factors.

CAD management & approvals

Graduate interior design engineer (FH) / CAD specialist (HWK)

For large-scale projects and expert opinions, a complex CAD infrastructure is sometimes necessary in order to present planning documents in a well-structured manner. Our graduate engineer is specialized in the field of events including current pictograms that allow your projects to be represented as on an aerial photograph down to the smallest detail within the framework of your concept.

Graduate architect (authorized to present building documents)

For projects in unusual venues, building applications or building use change applications must be prepared. These may only be submitted by architects who are authorized to do so. Our architect, who is appropriately authorized, is also a Master of Event Technology and is therefore familiar with both the building law approval procedures and the challenges of event planning.

Infection control/hygiene

Specialist for Hygiene in Event Management (IHK certified) / Hygiene Officer (IHK certified)

Hygiene Officers and Specialists for Hygiene in Event Management provide support in controlling infection risks at events.  
Their consulting and conceptual services cover areas such as microbiology, infectious diseases, occupational health and safety, and realistic risk assessment related to SARS-CoV-2.
Specialist hygiene planning includes concept development, consultation during event planning and implementation as well as the coordination, management and enforcement of infection control measures at the event.

Industrial hygiene expert

Creates and reviews hygiene and disinfection framework plans as part of Infection Control Concepts. Takes charge of planning and reviewing individual hygiene plans of participating service providers and conducts certification audits at events and trade fairs.

Fire protection

Fire safety officer (BGI 847)

The fire safety officer advises and supports the person responsible for fire protection in a company/organization, e.g. an employer/entrepreneur, in all matters of preventive, defensive and organizational fire protection.

Specialist planner/expert for fire prevention (EIPOS/TÜV)

The specialist planner or expert for fire prevention develops conclusive fire protection certificates and fire protection concepts with expertise and experience as well as extensive knowledge of the legal and normative regulations. The specialist planner/expert supports the approvability in the building application procedure with comprehensive fire protection certificates.

Visitor safety (special skills)

Crowd Safety Manager (BA Hons)

The Crowd Safety Manager assesses and plans projects with complex spatial conditions and large crowds. His responsibilities included: Reasonable waiting times, admission planning, queue management, people flow management, adequate space, flow out planning.

Graduate psychologist with doctoral degree

Visitor communication specialists coordinate the creation and implementation of event-specific visitor communication concepts for projects with a large number of visitors. Our expert in the field of visitor communication is a psychologist and systemic coach.

Complementary qualifications

Graduate translator (Heidelberg University)

Legal specialists from various disciplines

Graduate meteorologist and sound insulation expert

Other country-specific qualifications depending on production location