Briefings and Instructions for events and trade fair appearances

We empower your employees and service providers in a targeted manner so that the responsible persons and contractors will know exactly what has to be known. And you as the event holder can prove it.

How do you benefit from the ESC Briefing and Instructions System?

ESC relieves you in this important phase of event safety. After completion of your Safety Concept, the responsible persons of your core team, colleagues and employees as well as all service providers involved must be instructed in writing about safety organization, measures and duties.

We reduce the workload for you in this process. Because we know who needs what information and distribute it selectively to the right people. That way we increase the safety level of your project. Why and to what extent is this important? Because simply forwarding all the information does not work - data protection, scope and relevance are the limitations here.

Through our system, all parties involved receive targeted briefing documents. This includes a follow-up with everyone until all signatures are in the box. As a result, you receive the entire documentation required by law.

In most cases, these processes are triggered shortly before setup begins - and that means when it is already much too late. Especially in this stressful phase, where there is a lot to organize, our system reduces your workload effectively. You can simply rely on the fact that the correct and important information is channeled to the parties involved and that your documentation is correct.


Your advantages

  • Ensure that you communicate the necessary information to all parties involved in accordance with legal requirements and cannot be held liable.
  • Achieve a high level of safety by approaching parties involved with the relevant information in a targeted and selective manner.
  • In the event of a claim, you can be sure that you have communicated all the relevant information through seamless documentation of your instructions - true to the motto: Don’t drown – write it down!
  • Relieve and support your team in the hot project phase.

For whom and when is the ESC Briefing and Instructions System useful?

Among other things, if you

  • host events and trade show appearances on a larger scale,
  • have developed a safety concept that defines responsibilities,
  • have a larger number of responsible people as well as other involved service providers and employees participating in your project.

What are the benefits of our Briefings and Instructions?

  • The right information goes to the right addressees.
  • Autonomous, self-organized work
  • Low capacity tie-up / involvement on the client side
  • Extensive, well-founded documentation
  • Simple, targeted information distribution
  • Secure and simple digital communication
  • Less paperwork with administration shifted to ESC
  • Queries from contact persons redirected to ESC
  • Reduced workload through specialized outsourcing partner
  • Fast processes with sound consulting
  • High efficiency through targeted information
  • Reduced workload for the project team
  • Multiple language versions
  • Simple, clear and professionally checked guidelines for service provision
  • Basis for higher quality and more efficient service delivery
  • Competent contact person with decision-making authority
  • Improved, efficient coordination process
  • Clear definition of responsibilities and duties
  • Optimal care and rehabilitation by the liability insurance association in case of accidents
  • Requirements: Protection against the consequences of accidents while performing activities
  • Avoidance of legal consequences if legal or employer requirements are not observed, e.g. recourse claims by the employers’ liability insurance association, consequences under labor law
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Improved/reduced capacity tie-up of the project team
  • Higher bottom-line implementation quality
  • Clear delegation of entrepreneurial duties
  • Limitation of liability risks
  • Implementation documentation of legally required processes
  • Avoidance of legal consequences if legal or employer requirements are not communicated and controlled, e.g. recourse claims by the employers’ liability insurance association
  • High level of safety - professional external image
  • Location-independent implementation of internal safety standards
  • Targeted, simplified third-party/external briefings
  • Documentation of the external process management
  • Reduced workload for internal resources