Safety communication concepts for events

From arrival through the show to departure, the audience is managed efficiently and purposefully while considering event specifics - in normal operation and in conceivably defined emergencies.

How do you benefit from an ESC Safety Communication Concept?

With an ESC Safety Communication Concept, targeted communication is developed in all phases of your event and for every situation. Why? Especially with very many visitors, it is important to address them situationally with correct and relevant information.

Our holistic system is for both normal and emergency operation and is individually developed as an extension to the Safety Concept for your project. This ensures that all information reaches your visitors in the five phases from arrival to the event through to departure.

With our Safety Communication Concept, however, you not only address your visitors with the right tone – the authorities’ communication is integrated and coordinated as well. This means you do not lose any time when things have to move quickly in an emergency.


Your advantages

  • Ensure you are engaging your visitors with important information at every moment so they feel safe and informed
  • High level of safety thanks to solid planning and consulting considering the appropriate communication measures in each case
  • Efficiency also in emergency situations due to extensive preparation, which enables optimized, situational and undelayed visitor communication
  • Continuous optimization through scientific evaluation of the communication measures and adjustment for use in possible follow-up events.

For whom and when is a Safety Communication Concept useful?

Among other things, if you

  • plan and conduct large-scale events at which more than 5,000 visitors are expected,
  • use extensive, very complex and spacious locations,
  • would like to expand your Safety Concept with this modular component,
  • want to ensure optimal communication with your visitors at all stages of your event.

What are the benefits of our Safety Communication Concept?

  • Efficient outsourcing
  • Neutral advice on the design and efficiency of individual measures
  • Fast processes with sound consulting
  • High quality through professional moderators or announcements
  • Aftercare following critical incidents at the event
  • Sustainable assistance in case of psychological emergencies
  • Implementation documentation
  • Scientific evaluation
  • High level of safety - professional external image