Sound monitoring for events

Checking and documenting compliance with noise limits: for complaint-free events and closing ranks with authorities and neighbors.

How do you benefit from sound monitoring?

We harmonize regulatory requirements and residents’ expectations, demands and needs with respect to appropriate volume for a really good experience.

Extensive noise can be a challenge for residents on the day of the event, as well as noise from setup and dismantling which must also be kept within applicable limits as strictly as possible. The considerably lower sound immission values allowed during resting times pose a particular challenge to volume management for you as an event organizer. We can solve this sensitive issue for you. How? By consistently implementing the noise abatement measures defined in the ESC Immission Control Concept.

But what’s the plan if you comply with everything and complaints still come in to the authorities? Complaints from residents can become an explosive and difficult issue at your event, which must be handled situationally and with a great deal of tact. Our measurement engineer goes there directly! By measuring the actual immission values at the complainant’s location, we document for you that your guideline values are being complied with. This creates trust with the authorities and serves to make your event more approvable in perspective.


Your advantages

  • Makes life easier for you by shielding you from complaints.
  • Generate trust with both authorities and residents by being proactive in a sensitive and emotional area.
  • Avoid a bad atmosphere by individually and specifically responding to potential complaints with residents.
  • Know your sound immissions at all times. Targeted measurements allow you to avoid subjective perceptions among all parties involved.
  • Ensure that you comply with legal requirements and can document this so that you will not be held liable.

For whom and when is sound monitoring useful?

Among other things, if you

  • carry out events in public areas,
  • expect complaints from residents,
  • receive regulatory requirements to reduce your immissions and must implement and document them on site,
  • want to specifically avoid disputes over compliance with legal limits to the point of bad press.

What are the benefits of our sound monitoring service?

  • Optimized complaint management through individual control measurements at residents’ locations with demonstration and explanation of compliance with limit values
  • Avoidance of legal consequences and bad publicity
  • Qualified outsourcing enables the highest possible consulting competence for the implementation of sound protection measures.
  • Integration and coordination of local requirements/authorities
  • Implementation of immission control for staff and visitors
  • Implementation documentation of legally required processes
  • Professional external image