Video Surveillance for events and fairs

A video surveillance system ensures continuous controlling of visitor flows in order to detect and avoid dangerous situations as early as possible.

How do you benefit from ESC Video Surveillance?

We provide you with a live overview, right where it makes sense. No matter if it is a company event or a national festival - where the existing surveillance structure is not sufficient, we can help you to temporarily expand and optimize your surveillance capabilities. This means that you, your team or the crisis management group, e.g. at a national festival, keep an overview at all times.

With our digital video surveillance, all relevant areas of your event can be monitored in real time. This ensures quick response in the event of imminent critical situations, e.g. too rapidly growing numbers of visitors or disturbances in the visitor area. Constant surveillance avoids dangers before they arise and thus guarantees safe operation of your event.

What is special about our system? We do not install fixed or huge systems, but adapt to the event or the cityscape. The advantage here is that there is no need for complex, visually disruptive and therefore cost-intensive cabling between the cameras and the central station. The network-based camera system can be mounted anywhere and is wind- and weatherproof due to the special sealing of the camera stations.

And above all: We do this on a full service basis, which means system support, coordination with authorities, data protection or signage is all part of ESC Video Surveillance.


Your advantages

  • Ensure that you and your team have an overview of your event area at all times.
  • Higher speed of implementation! Initiate action before restrictions are applied or dangerous situations occur.
  • Increase the level of safety in visitor and asset protection.
  • A second, self-sufficient redundant power supply ensures permanent operational reliability and helps you keep an overview in case of a power outage.

For whom and when is Video Surveillance useful?

Among other things, if you

  • conduct larger events and, due to local conditions, there is no central insight into the areas used,
  • conduct projects where it is not clear how many visitors will come and how they will distribute and behave,
  • you want to set up an official crisis management group at your event that needs to have a central view of all critical points on the event site in the control center,
  • place lots of assets at your event or trade fair and need to protect them.

What are the benefits of ESC Video Surveillance?

  • Real-time overview of all relevant event areas, including those that are particularly critical and difficult to see
  • Avoidance of critical situations
  • Fast and targeted intervention in critical situations or accidents
  • Qualified system support
  • Limitation of liability risks
  • Reduced workload for the project team through a better or extended overall view.
  • High level of safety - professional external image