Security Service and Evacuation Concepts for events

Safe entry, safe stay, safe exit – optimally prepared for the most diverse emergency scenarios. // Legally mandatory for events with 1,000 or more people - guaranteed to dovetail with your security concept with our help.

How does an ESC Security Service and Evacuation Concept benefit you?

With an ESC Security Service and Evacuation Concept, the security personnel will be positioned at important points in sufficient numbers, and everyone will know what has to be done when and under which safety framework conditions.

Because if, for example, a violent thunderstorm front approaches your open-air event, the alarm plans defined in your safety concept must function quickly and efficiently. Now it comes down to the Security Service and Evacuation Concept! Sometimes even sequences of individual functions and positions, e.g. at an emergency exit, are decisive for the entire evacuation to work. Because seconds are at stake.

An evacuation can never be completely planned and organized. Which emergency scenario takes effect? How will your audience and also your staff behave when danger is imminent? People are crucial here and an experienced and prudent Head of Security Services is indispensable. With this key position we coordinate your Security Service and Evacuation Concept to suit your needs. ESC is the interface between the security service provider and you. We ensure perfect dovetailing of the concept and its implementation.

Please note: we do not provide security personnel. We plan for you in a resource-optimized and neutral manner, we scrutinize processes and we are happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate service provider for the implementation of your Security Service and Evacuation Concept.


Your advantages

  • With our vendor-independent, objective concept development based on the individual risk level, we make your deployment and resource planning precise and cost-optimized.
  • Clear presentation in a color-coded plan and list form enables comprehensible and quick briefing of all parties involved both in your tenders and in your concrete project planning and implementation.
  • In conjunction with the safety and fire protection concept (synergy), we work with you to avoid information breaks and save you time-consuming coordination processes.
  • Thanks to our announcements (included in the package) in German and English, developed with specialized communication psychologists, you can address your guests with exactly the right tone to avoid panic.
  • Independent neutral consulting, coordination and controlling enable you to efficiently handle a budget-intensive part of your event.

For whom and when is a Security Service and Evacuation Concept useful?

Among other things, if you

  • plan and conduct events with up to 1,000 visitors and organized evacuation of your event format is not part of existing fire protection regulations,
  • Plan and conduct events with more than 1,000 visitors and, in accordance with Section 42 (1) of the Ordinance on Places of Public Assembly of the respective federal states, must prepare an evacuation concept that must be aligned to the scenarios and emergency plans defined in the safety concept,
  • are the operator of a place of public assembly or an authorized representative of the operator,
  • conduct events e.g. at an unusual venue and thus assume the function of an operator or have these duties contractually assigned to you.

What are the benefits of our Security Service and Evacuation Concept?

  • High level of safety through comprehensive process implementation
  • Basis for comparable tenders or requests for proposals
  • Specification of minimum standards for security service providers
  • Clear responsibilities and authority to issue instruction
  • Optimized processes that dovetail with the Safety Concept
  • High quality through CAD-based position planning
  • Resource-saving quantity structures adapted to your actual safety requirements
  • Multiple language versions