Weather monitoring for events

Canapés at an anniversary event in the rain are just as annoying as flying tents at rock ’n’ roll concerts in a storm - professional monitoring of the weather situation provides a remedy.

How do you benefit from ESC Weather Monitoring?

ESC Weather Monitoring is the most important factor for the safe implementation of your outdoor event. Why? Because climate change is causing increasingly unpredictable weather conditions - even in midsummer. Within a very short time, danger to life can arise for your guests and staff and your temporary structures such as stages, tents and, above all, expensive technology can be destroyed.

This scenario must not and should not happen. Before that, the decision to interrupt or cancel your event must be made on a serious professional basis. We have a demand-driven system. It is based primarily on a customized e-mail newsletter for your venue. In another module, we monitor the situation for you in real time via remote monitoring and advise you by telephone. Last but not least, in a further stage we offer on-site monitoring with the use of our own weather station. Depending on the risk potential, we provide you with targeted support and prevent damage to property and personal injury. However, the weather can be tricky, and lightning may strike suddenly. Our logged weather monitoring then puts you in a good position when it comes to claim settlement or insurance for potential event cancellation.


Your advantages

  • Ensure that you do the maximum to avoid personal injury or property damage as a result of thunderstorms
  • Highest possible decision-making authority through expert advice to decision-makers
  • Maximum workload reduction for your team, because weather monitoring is a full-time job for professionals and not something you take on alongside event management.
  • Optimized for budget and risk potential: the modular ESC system
  • Create an optimal negotiating position with insurance companies and other claimants in the event of cancellation or damage.

For whom and when is weather monitoring useful?

Among other things, if you

  • host events or trade fairs with larger outdoor areas or with temporary setups,
  • may have to make an informed decision for or against canceling your event within a split second,
  • do not have sufficient knowledge in the field of weather monitoring and assessment.

What are the benefits of our weather monitoring service?

  • Avoidance of unnecessary event cancellations
  • Real-time monitoring and rapid coordination as the basis for maximum decision-making authority
  • Efficient and reliable outsourcing allows full concentration on event organization
  • Sound consulting implementation with recommendations for action – at any time on site or by telephone
  • Relief of the project team through hand-picked, qualified external professionals
  • Increased safety competence level of decision-makers through high quality in consulting implementation
  • Timely interruption of work processes before dangerous situations arise due to severe weather conditions
  • Reduced risk of accidents through focused implementation of safe working conditions
  • Avoidance of damage to installed infrastructure and technology
  • Clear external delegation of entrepreneurial duties to certified and experienced specialists
  • Limitation of liability risks
  • Implementation documentation as written proof
  • Avoidance of legal consequences and insurance gaps
  • High level of safety - professional external image