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Event Safety Report

The basis for continuous improvement: What was good? What can be improved? How do I achieve added value in terms of safety... and at what additional cost?

How do you benefit from ESC Event Safety Report?

The ESC Event Safety Report gives you the full picture regarding the safety level of your project. We perform this check on projects with ESC services. Plus: Acting as visitors, we check the implementation of safety rules and processes on site - as “undercover agents”, so to speak. Why do you need this?

We help you better assess where you stand. Do your processes and service providers work properly? At what safety level are you conducting your event? Are you compliant with regulatory requirements everywhere? What is good and where is there room for optimization?

The ESC Event Safety Report includes photographic documentation serving as a review and presentation of possible optimization proposals with details on budget impact. Our detailed documentation helps you to optimize your processes and to optimally brief existing or new resources and service providers in the future and to use them with increased effectiveness in follow-up projects.


Your advantages

  • Optimize the safety level of your projects easily and in a targeted manner.
  • Ensure that your responsibilities are fulfilled in compliance with the law and to a high safety standard.
  • Identify weaknesses and optimization potential and get ideas for improvement while showing the possible costs.
  • Manage the continuous improvement processes and implement them consistently.

For whom and when is an Event Safety Report useful?

Among other things, if you

  • carry out events and trade fair appearances on a large scale and are not sure whether your processes comply with the legal requirements or the current state of the art,
  • have implemented safety concepts and associated management processes and want to continue optimizing and reviewing them,
  • do not have own resources to control the fulfillment of delegated entrepreneurial duties and document such control measures.

What are the benefits of our Event Safety Report?

  • External evaluation of event safety levels helps to highlight positives and show potential for optimization, so you know where you stand and where to start.
  • Indicates which improvement measures have budget impact and which can be implemented in a cost-neutral manner.
  • Support for discussing your choice of service providers with senior management and purchasing
  • High quality through individualized reporting in short audit form
  • Creation of increased safety awareness among the project team
  • Optimization of existing resources and processes and thus achievement of an increased safety level for follow-up projects
  • Neutral external controlling of the quality of fulfillment of entrepreneurial duties
  • Demonstrates the level of implementation and identifies recommendations for optimization
  • Identifies liability risks and liability reduction options
  • Control of the location-independent implementation of internal safety standards
  • Basis for a continuous improvement process
  • Reduced workload for internal resources