Insurance check for event holders

Is your insurance coverage tailored to your project and is it geared to the residual risks that remain according to your safety concept? We will check that.

How do you benefit from an ESC Insurance Check?

We check whether your insurance coverage is tailored to your project and any residual risks in your safety concept. Why ist this helpful? Plainly speaking, because accidents may happen. In the Safety Concept and in the safety planning stage, the damage causes to be avoided are discussed extensively. In the event of a claim, however, the insurance comes into play with the damage impact.

Our service here: we think through the many possible scenarios for you and examine your situation. We ensure that there are no coverage gaps in existing policies that only become apparent in the event of a claim. Thus, you avoid discussions and rejected damage coverage by your insurance company.

We do not want to sell you insurance! But it is important to us not only to calculate residual risks in your concept, but also to make sure that your insurance coverage is up to date. To this end, our partners bring 30 years of experience in the field, neutrally evaluate the existing content and advise you if there is potential for optimization or if corrections need to be made.


Your advantages

  • Your insurance coverage is adjusted to your projects and the residual risks.
  • Avoid lengthy discussions and/or coverage gaps in the event of claims.
  • Clarification of the performance and optimization potential of existing insurance relationships.

For whom and when is an ESC Insurance Check useful?

Among other things, if you

  • implement events and trade fair appearances where residual risks must be insured,
  • already have insurance policies and are uncertain whether they are adequate for your specific projects,
  • would like to receive neutral advice on optimization or expansion options for your insurance coverage.

What are the benefits of an ESC Insurance Check?

  • We act as a neutral evaluation partner in the “insurance jungle”.
  • We clearly show you the scope of existing coverage.
  • Identification of possible shortfalls.
  • Adjustment of insurance coverage for residual risks.
  • Avoidance of legal consequences if requirements are not observed, e.g. recourse claims.