CAD Support for events

You do not have (accurate) CAD plans? We can create these for your project in such a way that everything fits perfectly for you, your customers and partners - inch-perfect!

How do you benefit from ESC CAD Support?

ESC CAD Support helps you where things gets difficult, i.e. when you need good and usable technical drawings of your production venue. As an event holder and/or venue operator, you are quite often confronted with the fact that both visitors and technical service providers require fully comprehensive and correct CAD plans of your production venue.

At this point we support you in making sure that your particular setup is mapped into CAD and made available for general event planning. You and your service providers can then use this material, e.g. to implement technical and logistical planning to scale. Plus: We release synergies, because we also need true-to-scale CAD documents for your safety planning. This way you kill two birds with one stone.

Another advantage: our CAD professionals are experienced in events and highly qualified. From a selection of possible and legally allowed seating scenarios, to the entire non-technical layout of your event, through to display plans for your visitors that can be rotated depending on the viewing direction, we provide you with everything you need. No more and no less. Always usable, and always in accordance with potential legal requirements.


Your advantages

  • Synergies through adaptive multiple use and targeted continuation - we create the neutral basis for the other service providers involved.
  • Efficient implementation through inclusion of safety-relevant specifications from the outset
  • International pictograms and reference to local conditions as a basis for comprehensible planning documents that can be used everywhere
  • Ensure that you comply with different legal requirements in the area of required signage regardless of country and cannot be held liable.

For whom and when does CAD Support make sense?

Among other things, if you

  • implement events and do not have usable scaled plans,
  • do not have CAD drafters on your team,
  • implement extensive projects that require multiple participating service providers to draw on an audited basis,
  • Need plan drawings accurate to the millimeter, e.g. for submitting approval documents to authorities

What are the benefits of our CAD Support?

  • Professional external presentation to authorities and all other parties involved
  • Planning reliability and efficiency through accurate planning documents for all parties involved
  • Realistic assessment of size ratios and possible capacities
  • Clear and multilingual basic planning documents
  • Efficient creation by using the ESC CAD Library
  • Synergies through implementation of all contractors in one set of plans
  • Problem-free use in AutoCAD and Vectorworks formats via compatible formats and a coordinated system
  • Legal compliance with official requirements regarding signage and design of permit documents to be submitted
  • Professional, individualized appearance: plots and PDF plans are provided with your header/logo.