On-site implementation event safety

So that safety at your event becomes a reality and project managers can focus fully on their own tasks.

How do you benefit from on-site implementation?

ESC Safety Coordination turns your safety concept into reality. How does this work and why is it needed? We help you to implement and control the standards and processes defined in your concept on site. On the one hand, we take over legally required positions in the field of visitor protection, such as the Event Leader or the Person Responsible for Event/Fair Safety. On the other hand, depending on the complexity of the project, we manage visitor protection as well as occupational safety on your behalf as a contractor coordinator or Coordinator for Safety and Health Matters.

Benefit from the fact that we actively avoid accident hazards and liability risks for you as the event holder. In doing so, our highly experienced and certified professionals will protect your interests from end to end. They always provide sound advice as well as the professional, legally compliant fulfillment of your duties as event holder on site.

Our on-site support means that you can take care of the important things in the course of your event with peace of mind. Whether it’s one coordinator or a larger ESC team, depending on event size and complexity, we take care of everything related to event safety. From controlling service providers to briefing your employees through to the safety round with the authorities. We control, coordinate and correct processes and setup work, make decisions and report specifically on what is really important – in a professional, determined and collaborative manner. Our reporting ensures you transparency and traceability. Always.


Your advantages

  • Easily ensure that your entrepreneurial duties as organizer and principal are fulfilled in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Highest safety standards with optimized cost structures: Our crew is on site with the right manpower and only in the relevant time periods!
  • Higher speed of implementation: Avoid discussions – we coordinate and correct things on the spot and intervene early if things have to be done differently for safety reasons.
  • Experience and certified qualifications pay off several times over: whether in discussions with authorities or in the coordination of the team or parties involved, we strike the right chord for you.
  • Standardization, documentation and traceability provide relief and transferability when personnel changes.
  • Simplified implementation through detailed process documentation

For whom and when is on-site implementation useful?

Among other things, if you

  • Implement events and trade fairs where, due to size and complexity, legal coordination obligations must be met for both visitor and occupational safety,
  • as an event holder or your employees do not have the necessary qualifications and experience to act as an event leader or Person Responsible for Event Technology or as an external company coordinator and are unable to fulfill the resulting tasks and duties,
  • seek targeted relief and advice in order to efficiently and reliably outsource event safety,
  • are subject to regulatory requirements or if very complex constructions are installed by your service providers and you want to double check them using the four-eyes principle.

What are the legally required functions of the ESC Safety Coordinator?

Depending on the scope and complexity of your project, different functions can be combined or an individual team with different qualifications and experience can be assembled for your project.

  • Event Leader

    • Person responsible for managing the event in accordance with § 38 VStättVO
  • Persons Responsible for Event Technology (master technician)

    • Person responsible for visitor protection in accordance with § 39, 40 VStättVO
  • External Company Coordinator

    • Person responsible for overall occupational safety in accordance with DGUV regulations 1 and 17
  • Coordinator for Safety and Health Matters (SiGeKo)

    • Responsible and suitable coordinator for safety and health protection on construction sites in accordance with BaustellV

What are the benefits of our on-site implementation?

  • Efficient outsourcing with sound consulting implementation
  • Added value by leveraging on many years of experience in the implementation of large-scale projects of the highest complexity
  • Optimized process management by demonstrating solution-oriented implementation options with the highest possible safety standards
  • Avoidance of lengthy and stressful discussions through well-founded chains of argumentation
  • Relief of the project team through hand-picked, qualified external resources
  • Good team spirit and project implementation through independent, calm and efficient alignment with authorities and service providers
  • Qualified and experienced contact for all questions regarding event and occupational safety
  • Good sense of safety through a second controlling party (4-eyes principle) for checking setups and process implementation
  • Better quality of work through coordinated and optimized safety processes
  • Reduced risk of accidents through focused implementation of safe working conditions
  • Clear external delegation of entrepreneurial duties to certified and experienced specialists
  • Limitation of liability risks
  • Implementation documentation of legally required processes
  • Avoidance of legal consequences if legal or employer requirements are not communicated and controlled, e.g. recourse claims by the employers’ liability insurance association
  • High level of safety - professional external image
  • Specialist and industry-specific contact person who shows the possible industry standards in the event sector
  • Location-independent implementation of internal safety standards
  • Documentation of the external process management
  • Reduced workload for internal resources