Visitor Communiction Management for events

Moderated safety on site, so that simply everything runs smoothly and comprehensibly - from regular operation to cancellation, from authorities to visitors.

How do you benefit from ESC Visitor Communication Management?

We implement your individual visitor communication concept on site. But when do you need it? OK, this is really only an issue at large events with very large numbers of visitors. But especially when you implement such projects, it is all the more important to find the right tone LIVE at exactly the right moment. Let us take care of it!

Our expert in the field of visitor communication is a psychologist and systemic coach. who obtained his doctorate in the field of interpersonal communication. Extensive, practical experience in implementing communication in major events is the basis for precise application and correct spontaneous reactions in specific situations.

This means that we take care of things that are not in the normal scope of an event manager or a safety specialist. This includes, for example, individual crisis intervention in psychological emergencies or consulting based on communication psychology for your coordination group / crisis team to address visitors in special situations. We are your mouthpiece to your audience and carry out the necessary safety communication measures live by experienced safety announcers.


Your advantages

  • Smooth coordination of time and content of safety communication during the event
  • Avoid panic from visitors who feel they are not properly informed.
  • Compliance with and implementation of the highest safety standards defined in your communication concept in the area of visitor communication
  • Increased speed of implementation, especially in situations where it is necessary to communicate very quickly with the right individual approach

For whom and when is Visitor Communication Management useful?

Among other things, if you

  • carry out events in a larger format, i.e. with more than 10,000 visitors,
  • consider highly professional psychological visitor communication to be useful in view of the visitor profile or other general conditions,

What are the benefits of our Visitor Communication Management?

  • Avoidance of injuries due to visitors panicking
  • Relaxed overall atmosphere due to satisfied and well-informed visitors
  • Optimal and situation-adapted contact to your audience
  • High quality visitor communication
  • High level of safety - professional external image
  • Fast processes with sound consulting
  • Relief of the project team through hand-picked, qualified external professionals
  • Qualified contact person for all questions regarding visitor communication
  • Simplified coordination with authorities on communication issues