Digital people counting for events and fairs

Digital people counting ensures compliance with maximum visitor capacities and thus prevents overcrowding at your event.

How do you benefit from digital people counting?

Our digital people counting service produces real visitor numbers reliably. Why do you need this?

Depending on the event, the maximum number of visitors is determined by the authorities or by your safety concept. This can apply to the entire event and/or to certain areas.

Our real-time digital people counting enables you to view the current number of visitors on a computer or app at any time. It does not matter how many entrances and exits there are or whether you are monitoring one or more areas. All counting systems are interconnected and thus determine the number of visitors in the event area and provide you with appropriate information in a timely manner when the inflow of visitors needs to be interrupted.

The systems operate contact-free and automatically, which means that the counts do not pose a data protection risk. Digital people counting thus offers you a secure way to comply with maximum visitor capacities and to document them reliably - whether at indoor or open-air events.


Your advantages

  • Ensures that you do not exceed the maximum allowed number of visitors.
  • Enables a high level of safety, because it tells you in real time how many visitors are currently in the counting areas.
  • Our systems document digitally, so that you can both prove compliance to the authorities and analyze your event process.
  • Independent and individual consulting helps to find the best technical solution for you.

For whom and when is digital people counting useful?

Among other things, if you

  • host events and trade fairs that are free to the public and when it is not clear if more visitors will come than your event site can accommodate,
  • have to meet regulatory requirements and comply with and document maximum visitor numbers,
  • host an event at a site that is divided into sub-areas and where it is to be expected that your audience is not homogeneously distributed, which can lead to overcrowding.


System description

Visitor counting - counting sensors

  • No restriction of visitor and escape routes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be combined with digital hand click systems and traffic light system
  • Server-based digital documentation

What are the benefits of ESC People Counting?

  • Avoidance of overcrowding and panic reactions
  • Digitally documented compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Real-time visitor counts enable consistent and timely intervention
  • Preventive function and fast processes/signaling in case of imminent overcrowding
  • Optimization of follow-up events based on real-time data
  • Efficient outsourcing through qualified system support
  • Limitation of liability risks