E-checks According to DGUV V3 for events

To ensure that you do not blow a fuse on the day of the event, we regularly check the entire event equipment on your behalf as a preventive measure.

What are the benefits of E-checks according to DGUV Regulation 3?

“Power tests? - My service providers will take care of that!” This idea may be widespread. Unfortunately, it is often just theory. Because in practice, various devices often need to be tested in advance. For this, the power systems set up for the project must comply with legal requirements and also need to be checked. The crux with this is: an event service provider rarely comes alone. And everyone would have to check their own area and also the system as a whole!

We help you to stay above things. Because a lot of money can be at stake here very quickly. Electrical testing is time consuming and if every company had their electrician come out at your expense, huge costs would add up at your expense. We ensure that you will have a partner who does it all correctly, reliably and in compliance with the law, tailored to your project requirements ... whether in Berlin, Barcelona or Bingen.

In addition, we also offer to check your inventory electrics, independent from a specific event - from the event arena perimeter to the key note presentation laptop. Your advantage: our inspectors come from the event sector, which means that we fulfill your responsibilities based on the specific protection goal and with the right inspection frequency.


Your advantages

  • Ensure that the legal requirements and documentation pertaining to power tests are complied with
  • Assistance with the most efficient implementation of the respective project parameters and circumstances
  • Achieve the highest possible operational and event safety by excluding defective equipment.
  • Achieve the highest possible safety for your visitors and staff by adhering to the highest standards for the prevention of electrical accidents.

For whom and when are E-checks according to DGUV V3 useful?

Among other things, if you

  • implement events, roadshows, and trade fairs where multiple contractors use the same power grid and you don’t have a power contractor on site,
  • use and operate your own electrical equipment and wish to have the statutory inspection intervals fulfilled,
  • do not have your own specialist department that takes care of compliance with legal requirements.

What are the benefits of our e-checks according to DGUV V3?

  • Avoidance of legal consequences if legal requirements are not observed, e.g. recourse claims in the event of electrical accidents.
  • Ensure the smooth running of the event
  • Peace of mind that devices are functional and safe
  • Implementation documentation of legally required processes
  • Implementation of your internal safety standards independent of location
  • Efficient outsourcing with neutral consulting and synergy leverage