Approval processes for events and trade fair appearances

Maximum workload reduction: From individual permits to building applications, we prepare the application documents and coordinate communications with the authorities until final acceptance on site.

How do you benefit from ESC Approval Management?

Approval processes are individual and their implementation can be complex depending on the project and authorities involved. We offer you maximum relief in this difficult area by preparing the permits and conducting the official communication on your behalf. Your advantage: We take the burden off your shoulders! That way you can focus on the important things in the organization of your event or trade fair.

Our job is to get your approvals in the right way and according to your schedule. Of course, we pay attention to compliance with all legal requirements. Still we follow the principle of proportionality for you. And by that we mean: thanks to our expertise and experience, we can wrestle with operators and authorities and ensure that you do not have to work out anything that is not really useful and relevant. This saves money and time.

It is particularly important to keep a sense of proportion when it comes to the requirements of operators and authorities. When is a data sheet with technical data sufficient? When do you need a fire safety certificate? When is a site-specific statics report with official approval required? When is “simple” fire protection certificate sufficient? As you can see: requirements can be worlds apart in terms of cost and effort.

We offer you full-service support - even for productions abroad and for special purposes requiring change of building use or complete building permits. We ensure synergies through re-use of descriptions, calculations and planning documents.


Your advantages

  • Ensure that you comply with different legal requirements regardless of country and obtain all necessary approvals.
  • We prepare all the required approval documents and submit them for you.
  • Thanks to structured project control and project management, nothing goes missing.
  • You don’t have to worry about coordination - we are the coordination process owner.
  • Verification, management and submission of the necessary evidence.
  • Early approval eligibility ensures improved process flows and simplified project implementation.
  • Budget relief through purpose-driven control and acquisition of only the most essential structural analyses, expert opinions and other verification documents.

For whom and when is Approval Process Management useful?

Among other things, if you

  • plan and implement large events or trade fair appearances in your own country and abroad,
  • use special setups or very extensive technical or temporary structures in your projects,
  • implement projects in unusual venues that are not licensed as places of assembly,
  • receive extensive requirements from operators or authorities and have to get them approved as part of your project planning.

What are the benefits of ESC Approval Process Management?

  • Full service: Reduced workload for the project team
  • Integration and coordination of local requirements/authorities
  • Regional network (Europe-wide)
  • Communication on an equal footing with operators and authorities
  • Simplified, relaxed coordination processes with operators and authorities
  • (Re-)negotiation of general conditions such as time schedule and scope of approval in your interest
  • Budget optimization: Assessment and enforcement of meaningful and relevant documentation only
  • Optimized project feasibility
  • Multiple language versions
  • Fast processes with sound consulting
  • High level of safety - professional external image