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Immission control concepts for events

Complaint-free, uninterrupted, and easy on the neighbors throughout the event - with defined, approved, and documented noise levels.

How do you benefit from an ESC Immission Control Concept?

Immissions are generated during your events, especially during setup and dismantling as well as during execution. From construction noise to concert operations to the noise level of the generators that have to run through the night... Especially at unusual venues, where quiet conditions normally prevail, the potential for disturbance for residents is enormous. And the consequence: from a complaint to the authorities to a negative media report, everything is possible. The ESC Immission Control Concept makes you ready for approval, relieves you with the planning of proactive complaints management, and, among other things, avoids potential damage to your company’s image.

The regulatory requirements can sometimes be very strict, depending on the situation. We help you implement them by convincing the responsible authorities early in the planning process that your noise reduction concept is feasible and resilient.

Both the examination of official requirements and acoustic consulting in your event planning are part of the ESC Immission Control Concept. Based on our feasibility studies, you can make a qualified decision as to whether and in what form your project is economically feasible in compliance with the specifications.


Your advantages

  • Ensure that you comply with the legal requirements and cannot be held liable.
  • Don’t waste resources: you will know at an early stage whether your project idea can be implemented or approved and what the budgetary impact of necessary measures will be.
  • Increase your efficiency! Consider immission control and the appropriate setup already at the start of the project by using our consulting offering.
  • Achieve an optimal external image through convincing complaints management.

For whom and when is an Immission Control Concept useful?

Among other things, if you

  • Conduct events at in unusual venues and have to comply with regulatory requirements,
  • conduct events in sensitive locations and are likely to receive complaints from residents,
  • are planning an event concept and are not sure whether the format can be implemented at the planned location or whether it can be approved from an immission control point of view,
  • have to implement noise abatement measures and would like to know at an early stage what you will have to expect in terms of budget and logistics.

What are the benefits of our Immission Control Concepts?

  • Effective prevention
  • Ensure feasibility/approvability
  • Avoid hassle and save costs
  • Convincing complaints management
  • Avoid negative image effects
  • Fast processes with sound consulting
  • Integration and coordination of local requirements/authorities
  • Limitation of liability risks

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