Occupational safety management systems

When occupational safety meets event safety and relevant laws, we know how to translate that into a uniform standard for you and your employees.

How do you benefit from ESC Occupational Safety Management?

Are you an employer and outsourcer in the event sector who works in various constellations when implementing events and trade fairs? Or do you operate a place of assembly and have to cope with very different occupational safety management requirements due to many different risks that are specific to the place of assembly and/or event, for example, when it comes to hiring service providers?

Then we are your partner. Because we can design an individual, integrated occupational health management system for you by merging the specifications that apply to your company’s work organization and processes with event-related guidelines and possible legal directives. By continuously reviewing the effectiveness of the measures, including the analysis of weak points and subsequent revision, you will achieve greater acceptance among employees and a more effective use of resources.

Your advantage: we are true specialists in event safety - and that is the difference that creates real added value. Because our goal is to make it all work together.


Your advantages

  • Ensure that you implement legal and company requirements in a targeted and effective manner.
  • Benefit from our full service: one person responsible for events who takes care of the entire area of (company and cross-company) occupational safety.
  • Efficient and uniform processes and standards facilitate understanding and avoid inconsistencies of specifications in internal and external work areas.

For whom and when is ESC Occupational Safety Management useful?

Among other things, if you

  • employ internal and freelance staff for event and trade fair projects and would like to outsource the area of occupational safety specifically to a specialist,
  • want to implement a consistent, overarching level of safety for internal and external work areas related to your events.


What are the benefits of ESC Occupational Safety Management?

  • Efficient outsourcing
  • Fast processes with sound consulting
  • Clear delegation of entrepreneurial duties
  • Limitation of liability risks
  • Implementation documentation of legally required processes
  • Avoidance of legal consequences if legal or employer requirements are not communicated and controlled, e.g. recourse claims by the employers’ liability insurance association
  • Comprehensive implementation of internal safety standards in the area of events and trade fairs
  • Targeted, simplified third-party/external briefings
  • Documentation of the external process management
  • Reduced workload for internal resources