Expert opinions & feasibility analyses for events

Where can you hold your event? What are the necessary capacities, risks, challenges? We mold this and much more into a perfect shape so that you can make an informed decision.

What are the benefits of ESC Expert Opinions and Feasibility Analyses?

An ESC Expert Opinion or Feasibility Analysis gives you a sound overview of the possible dimensions of your projects and thus helps you select the appropriate location in a targeted manner.

With a detailed analysis of local safety-relevant factors such as escape routes or even logistical components, you can better assess whether the available areas are suitable for your particular project plans. In this way, you avoid planning errors and inefficient use of financial resources.

A good look into area capacities and possible escape routes will enable you to precisely define the maximum possible capacities. On the basis of this key data, you can plan the envisaged event formats in detail with regard to logistics and cost parameters. Our well-founded analysis of the respective location serves as a basis for a valid preliminary coordination with authorities and facilitates the subsequent preparation of safety concepts and downstream approval processes.


Your advantages

  • Maximum efficiency through targeted decision-making for project implementation at the respective event location
  • Enable realistic budgeting
  • Detailed site-specific space and escape route planning allows for an informed discussion of which event formats can be efficiently implemented where.
  • Create an optimal planning and approval basis through detailed preliminary planning, which will facilitate subsequent approval and regulatory coordination.

For whom and when are Expert Opinions and Feasibility Analyses useful?

Among other things, if you

  • plan events and/or political conferences, but existing resources in meeting venues are insufficient and you need to erect temporary structures,
  • sometimes have to make decisions for major projects at very short notice and need a previously prepared basis for the framework parameters,
  • need a valid statement on the usability of potential, unique venue and an assessment of the safety-related and logistical prerequisites is required.

What are the benefits of our Expert Opinions and Feasibility Analyses?

  • Documentation of a solid evaluation as a basis for decision-making
  • Avoidance of planning errors and budget shortfalls
  • Sound advice through valid summarization of key data
  • High quality due to detailed planning and calculation documents
  • Basis for general feasibility coordination with authorities.