Important: We are “people” - that is, human beings. And we are happy about that. Because what we do is “people business”.

Important again: We are a team! And that means: ESC are team people, and we enjoy moving positively with you in a proactive and agile way. What makes us different? In addition to first-class training and specialization, we attach great importance to communication skills and good manners. Sound old-fashioned? Well, for us choleric yelling at event construction sites is a thing of the past. And for us, only tomorrow counts. With you, for your guests.



Sven Hansen


+49 6221 8901611

Certified Event Technology and Operations Specialist (IHK)

Technical Specialist for Event Safety (TÜV/DPVT)  

Coordinator for Safety and Health Matters (RAB 30)

Sinah Nick

Management, Accounting, Project Management, Administration

+49 6221 8901615

Event manager (IHK)

Ute Bühring

CAD - technical planning, administration: templates and management systems

+49 6221 8901610

Diploma Engineer

Interior design

Katharina Rossel

Accounting, project management and administration

+49 6221 8901614

Bachelor of Arts (Sport-, Medien- und Eventmanagement)


Michael Morche

Technical coordination and planning, coordination/implementation of management systems

+49 391 505 478 71

Certified Event Technology and Operations Specialist (IHK)

Occupational safety specialistt (VBG)

Safety and health protection coordinator (RAB 30)

Hygiene representative (IHK)

Mike Brenning

Technical coordination and planning, coordination/ implementation of management systems

+49 391 505 478 72

Risk Engineer (M.Sc.) / Security & Safety Engineer (B.Sc.)

Specialist planner and head of visitor safety (TH)

Occupational safety specialist

Safety and health coordinator (RAB 30)