Important: We are “people” - that is, human beings. And we are happy about that. Because what we do is “people business”.

Important again: We are a team! And that means: ESC are team people, and we enjoy moving positively with you in a proactive and agile way. What makes us different? In addition to first-class training and specialization, we attach great importance to communication skills and good manners. Sound old-fashioned? Well, for us choleric yelling at event construction sites is a thing of the past. And for us, only tomorrow counts. With you, for your guests.


Sven Hansen


+49 6221 8901611

Certified Event Technology and Operations Specialist (IHK)

Technical Specialist for Event Safety (TÜV/DPVT)  

Coordinator for Safety and Health Matters (RAB 30)

Sinah Nick

Management, Accounting and Administration

+49 6221 8901615

Event manager (IHK)

Ute Bühring

CAD - technical planning and management systems

+49 6221 8901610

Diploma Engineer

Interior design

Michael Morche

Technical coordination and planning, coordination/implementation of management systems

+49 391 505 478 71

Certified Event Technology and Operations Specialist (IHK)

Occupational safety specialistt (VBG)

Safety and health protection coordinator (RAB 30)

Mike Brenning

Technical coordination and planning, coordination/ implementation of management systems

+49 391 505 478 72

Risk Engineer (M.Sc.) / Security & Safety Engineer (B.Sc.)

Specialist planner and head of visitor safety (TH)

Occupational safety specialist

Safety and health coordinator (RAB 30)