CAD Support – Venue Structures Event Location

Make life easy for yourself and your customers by providing a first-class venue and “ready-to-plan” CAD drawings.

How do you benefit from ESC CAD Structure Support for venues?

You are an operator and have extensive CAD data with which you work yourself and which you also have to make available to customers. In our years of experience with the implementation of large-scale projects, we have noticed that there is often a lack of clarity, structure or consistency in the planning documents provided - and above all, there is a lack of correctly prepared files that work seamlessly in both AutoCAD and Vectorworks.

What do we offer in terms of CAD support? Our event-experienced, certified CAD specialists independently update and structure your CAD plans by applying current pictograms and valid DIN standards. To do this, we tailor appropriate workflows, layouts and pictogram sequences to your needs. The optimized CAD plans work smoothly on the most commonly used systems (Vectorworks and AutoCAD) and guarantee efficient workflows both in your company and when exchanging plan documents with customers. This supports a targeted, efficient implementation of your projects to the full satisfaction of your customers.


Your advantages

  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction through efficient implementation of plans in the CAD area
  • Resource-saving internal and external processes avoid wasting budgets on unnecessary, tedious work
  • Prevent planning errors and annoying, costly process delays caused by inaccuracies or transmission errors.
  • Clarity across productions through standardization of layouts and pictogram sequences
  • Stay current on your plans: we incorporate ongoing changes to buildings or fire protection in consultation with you.

For whom and when is CAD Structure Support useful?

Among other things, if you

  • as an operator of a place of assembly, manage CAD plans and make them available to your customers,
  • have your own CAD plan documents, which are not up to date in terms of structure and content,
  • do not have any own resources and experience in CAD structure optimization,
  • want to provide your customers with platform-independent plan documents in both AutoCAD and Vectorworks.

What are the benefits of our CAD Structure Support for venues?

  • Efficient use of resources by avoiding unnecessary, tedious work for you and your customers
  • Fast processes, especially when implementing customer data, for shorter response times
  • Increased quality in event planning thanks to up-to-date and clear planning documents
  • Reduced workload for the project team through qualified outsourcing
  • Visual consistency through clear structures and pictograms
  • Increased customer satisfaction through efficient and platform-neutral planning documents
  • Cost savings through efficient layout drawing without additional structural effort
  • Quick overview of available resources and open spaces to be considered for escape and rescue routes
  • Increased quality in planning and faster, more cost-efficient implementation
  • Motivated staff and service providers who can efficiently create layout plans for your projects
  • Uniform specifications and processes avoid interface or handover problems.
  • Fast coordination and simplified decision-making through flawless data exchange (import/export)
  • Professional external image
  • Effective utilization of resources / increased efficiency
  • Satisfied customers, project managers, staff and service providers