Flood Protection Concepts for events

Make your event permit-ready, feasible and flood-free, even if it is to take place in a potential flood zone.

How do you benefit from an ESC Flood Protection Concept?

An ESC Flood Protection Concept makes it possible for you to carry out larger event projects in potential flood areas. Our full-service concepts relieve you as an organizer and are the basic prerequisite for official approval of your project.

We thus help you to implement the complex regulatory requirements into your event planning from the very beginning. Together with our partner engineers, we provide you with objective and well-founded advice in this very special area of event safety. This allows us to put you in a position where you can budget the necessary measures at an early stage. This gives you the basis for making an informed decision for or against implementing your project in a flood area.

Subsequently, during project implementation, the ESC Flood Protection Concept serves, on the one hand, for the official approval, and on the other hand, for the protection of personnel and material in case of flooding. Our concepts are closely linked to production planning, because in the event of a flood, certain sections usually have to be dismantled within a very short time. Here we can help you prepare and schedule logistics and at the same time generate synergies within the general production resources.


Your advantages

  • Ensure that you comply with the legal requirements and cannot be held liable.
  • Detailed, specific risk assessments help to see what residual risks exist and who needs to implement what protective measures.
  • Adaptive creation of your flood protection concept, adapted to your production planning, increases feasibility in case of flooding and generates synergy effects in material and personnel disposition.
  • Expert reports prepared by our engineering partners are part of your Flood Protection Concept and the basis for approval by the authorities.
  • Risk minimization through prevention of material damage.

For whom and when is a Flood Protection Concept useful?

Among other things, if you

  • implement major event projects near rivers and thus in potential flood areas,
  • receive extensive regulatory requirements to get your project approved in a potential flood area.

What are the benefits of our Flood Protection Concept?

  • Reduced workload: Full-service coordination of all measures to be taken in advance and in the event of flooding
  • Sound advice in planning and implementation
  • Involvement and coordination with the authorities and residents
  • Targeted briefing of all parties involved
  • Water level monitoring and warning
  • Reduction of the risk of failure in the event of a flood during the construction phase
  • Fast processes with sound consulting
  • Reduced workload for the project team