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ProjektTVB Stuttgart Bundesliga Handball 2018-2021
AuftraggeberTVB 1898 Handball GmbH & Co. KG
Besucher6.211 / 2.251 per game
VeranstaltungsortPorsche-Arena Stuttgart / SCHARRena Stuttgart


Fully comprehensive occupational health and safety and infection control for permanent and volunteer staff.

Services ESC

Risk assessment, safety concept, infection control concept, consulting event safety, occupational safety management system, E-Checks - DGUV V3

As the organiser of the home games of the handball Bundesliga team TVB 1898 Stuttgart in the Porsche Arena and the SCHARRena Stuttgart, we as Spielbetriebs GmbH & Co. KG was faced with the task of putting security-related matters into an orderly and realisable form. We decided to work with Event Safety Consult for several years.

ESC implemented our requirements in a safety concept specially tailored to our match operations. In addition to creating the concept and providing safety advice, ESC developed the necessary electrotechnical tests for our own LED perimeter and also ensured that our business premises were supervised by an occupational safety specialist.

Thanks to ESC's holistic support, we have one contact for all event safety issues. This consolidates processes and helps us as organisers to run our home games safely and efficiently“

Sven Heib

Technical project manager

TVB 1898 Handball GmbH & Co. KG