Event IT Safety Concepts

Where countless event resources are IT-based and interconnected, from radio to lighting, it is essential to avoid getting hacked. We set the standards for external IT service providers.

How do you benefit from an ESC Event IT Safety Concept?

An ESC Event IT Safety Concept is the best basis for safe implementation of your trade fair or event project! Why? Because almost all of your logistical and, above all, safety-related contractors depend on a functioning network. Whether ticketing, catering, people counting, wireless networks or video surveillance, hardly anything works if your network is down. The consequence in the worst case: your project must be canceled.

With the specifications of our IT Safety Concept and our supplementary consulting services, we define and ensure the necessary standards and help in the selection of a reliable, competent service provider.


Your advantages

  • Ensure implementation of your project through compliance with defined minimum standards.
  • Consistent specifications help you to solicit bids and select suitable service providers.
  • Failure scenarios help you to avoid a breakdown of your system or to solve it quickly in case of need and thus to execute your project.

For whom and when is an Event IT Safety Concept useful?

Among other things, if you

  • implement events or trade fairs and operate safety-relevant infrastructure on a network basis,
  • need the lowest possible risk of failure due to disruptions or external intervention in your event network,
  • want to adaptively expand and secure your Safety Concept and your safety infrastructure.

What are the benefits of our Event IT Safety Concept?

  • Fast troubleshooting minimizes failure risks.
  • Ensures the capability to act.
  • Highest quality through compliance with minimum IT standards
  • Clear processes for possible failure scenarios
  • Avoidance of interruptions and event cancellations
  • Limitation of liability risks
  • High level of safety - professional external image