Recognizing and minimizing risks at an early stage

Every event is unique – and so is the corresponding safety concept. Our experience shows that rigid standard checklists without any real reference to the event in question may prove costly. The early recognition of potential risks and the development of perfectly tailored individual safety concepts which effectively and efficiently reduce risks to a feasible and approvable minimum are our top priority in all phases of event planning and event implementation. In your best interests and on your behalf, we prevent poor planning and the resulting waste of resources and capacity as well as risks – before they arise.

Our philosophy is your advantage

We carefully consider your actual requirements and design your individual safety concept, taking relevant laws, standards, ordinances and provisions into account. This safety concept provides solid guidelines and support to all those involved in the event and simplifies event implementation and obtaining official approval. The result is that we help ensure that your event runs seamlessly and efficiently, reduce the risk of accidents and minimize liability risks:

  • We guarantee maximum relief for you so that you can concentrate on the content and commercial success of your event.
  • We make your event as safe as possible – and keep an eye on the costs to make sure they remain within reason.
  • We harmonize safety and technical feasibility even in the case of complex individual requirements (e.g. the use of drones and artists performing above the audience).
  • Our individual safety concepts prepare your event and service team for any special circumstances and possible risks.
  • Risks for your visitors and staff are minimized and potential risks remaining are indicated and communicated.


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