Our safety concepts for your events

Safety concepts from Event Safety Consult include actual hazard analysis for visitor protection as well as ensuring occupational safety by handling measures which result from the event holder’s overall coordination of collaborating with many different service providers. Thus, you are ensured a comprehensive concept which seamlessly analyses all possible circumstances which could arise, from setting up and holding the event to the last day of dismantlement, and which defines the corresponding measures and responsibilities for the protection of visitors and staff.

Safety concept service portfolio:

  • General & organisational information

    • Description of the event and production workflows
    • Definition of responsibilities
    • Specifications for service providers
  • Crowd control

    • Analysis of the venue area capacities available
    • Visitor profile assessment
    • Specification and calculation of required escape and rescue routes
    • Definition of maximum numbers of visitors
  • Risk management

    • Risk assessments for the protection of visitors and occupational safety
    • Analysis of arising risks of events in venues which are not places of public assembly
  • Crisis management

    • Definition of decision-makers, meeting points, tasks and rescue routes
    • Evacuation provisions
  • Fire protection

    • Technical fire protection analysis
  • Creation of necessary planning documents

    • Site overview plan with escape routes and evacuation areas
    • Grid plans
    • Escape route plans for individual areas

Optional services for safety concept:

  • Crowd management/Evacuation concepts
  • Traffic control and visitor arrival concepts
  • Fire protection concept
  • Paramedics concept

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