Insurance Coverage at Your Event

Anyone who deals with a safety concept must definitely get involved with the topic of insurance. In the concept and in the safety planning stage, the damage causes to be avoided are discussed extensively. In the event of a claim, however, the insurance comes into play with the damage impact.

The possible scenarios in events are manifold and are often underestimated. Cover gaps in existing insurance policies often only become apparent in the event of a claim. By then, however, it is too late for the insurance company to cover the entire loss in most cases.

The following questions about your event insurance coverage can arise:

  • Is your existing liability insurance sufficient?
  • Are the coverage amounts and the subjects of your insurance only valid at your business location or are they also effective at the event location?
  • What do institutions for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention say about protection for possible incentive projects?
  • To what extent does the municipal compensation for damages apply to municipal events?
  • What does your insurer do if you infringe copyrights?
  • How are damages to borrowed objects or rented halls insured?
  • How should you deal with contractually assumed liability?
  • To what extent do risks due to e.g. weather, force majeure, terrorist attacks or sudden assaults affect your event?
  • What about the costs if your event cannot take place or has to be interrupted?
  • To what extent does the absence of important persons such as company management, speakers or performers have an influence on the success and goal of your event?

Scope of services:

  • Review and evaluation of existing insurance policies, in particular liability coverage.
  • Research on and evaluation of potentially necessary, project-related insurance solutions and extensions, such as event cancellation insurance, short-term technical insurance, etc.
  • Evaluation and analysis of the existing insurance coverage as part of our commitment to consultancy and as an element of the safety concept.
  • Development of appropriate formulation proposals for correspondence with your own insurer and advice on how to inform or question your own risk taker. These results lead to an expert opinion on appropriate insurance subjects and existing gaps. Approaches to possible solutions such as insurance extensions or taking out separate, project-related insurance are then submitted, if necessary.

Our team of experts is fully competent, has more than 30 years of experience and evaluates existing insurance subjects neutrally.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a personal consultation.

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