COVID-19 has hit the entire event and trade fair sector hard and unprepared.

All of us, and especially you as an industrial enterprise, organiser, agency, institution or public authority, are asking the following questions: Where do we stand today? How and when can we thrill visitors, customers and employees again? Showcase products and services? …

The situation is currently characterised by a multitude of discussions. Standards are being prepared. But which ones? And how reliable will they be – above all, how comprehensible, transparent and implementable? And how safe for you?

In addition, the dynamics of the pandemic as well as the regionally specific approaches require a high degree of adaptability as well as knowledge and understanding of current and future regulations.

We support the development of these standards, both at the association level and as an established, renowned company in the industry. This development will still take some time; until then we will create solutions together with you for the implementation of your projects in an orderly and feasible framework.

We support you with an infection control concept as well as complementary, coordinated tools for events as a coherent and applicable service package that will tell you

  • which projects will become eligible for approval and whether or how you can effectively get back into planning immediately and
  • which measures you must implement in specific ways so that these projects can take place.

Our service portfolio:

Our modular package consists of

  • a preliminary risk assessment including the infection risk classification,
  • the coordinated development of your individual infection control concept,
  • safety planning and service provider coordination aimed at reducing infection risks,
  • support in the implementation of infection control mechanisms/instruments and
  • expert guidance in the implementation of the infection control concept on site, including consultation and qualification.

The result? From the overarching framework of hygiene control management, the handling of suspected cases, crowd management in line with epidemic control measures, infection-reducing seating plans to the effective adaptation of first-aid and security service concepts and much more.

Our infection control concepts are part of our safety concepts and therefore closely linked to them. The higher-level controlling measures on site are also carried out in a structured and efficient way by our specialist personnel. For the special subarea of hygiene, additional controlling is indispensable, especially for extensive projects. ESC tackles this challenge by means of a digitally documented hygiene audit performed by an expert for industrial hygiene with random sample controlling of the relevant areas.

By raising awareness of the subject in all people involved and by developing coherent infection control concepts, we can all make a positive contribution to reducing risks and to return to a “new” normality. Together we achieve clarity and safety for you, your event and your guests.

You can benefit from the creation of an infection control concept in many ways:

  • Avoidance of excess planning work by checking feasibility at an early stage
  • Consideration of visitor and occupational safety in a uniform safety concept
  • Creation and coordination of the framework and minimum requirements for the event-specific hygiene plan according to the HACCP standard
  • Independent evaluation and advice on possible measures and their safety benefits
  • Clear determination of residual risks for organisers and facilitation of the decision by the licensing authorities
  • Support in dynamic implementation, taking into account the current state of the art, by participating in working groups in professional associations
  • Meaningful, clearly designed infection control icons, which are part of our concepts and can be individually adapted to the CI of your event

We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to advise and support you in planning your event.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a personal consultation.

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